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Hepatitis C Virus and Hcv Rapid Test Kit Detection Method

Hepatitis C virus infection is the root cause of the disease. Under the influence of external factors, such as drinking alcohol, fatigue, long-term use of drugs with hepatotoxicity, can promote the development of the disease. The pathological changes of hepatitis C are very similar to those of hepatitis B, with hepatocyte necrosis and lymphocyte infiltration. Chronic hepatitis can occur in the portal area fibrous tissue hyperplasia, severe cases can form pseudolobules that become cirrhosis.

The pathogenesis of HCV infection mainly includes immune-mediated and direct HCV injury. Viral factors include viral genotype, replication ability, the immunogenicity of the viral polypeptide, etc. Host factors include human innate immune response, humoral immunity, and cells. Immune response, etc. Factors such as the use of alcohol and immunosuppressive agents also have an impact on the course of HCV infection.

HCV routes of transmission: kissing, hugging, sneezing, coughing, food, drinking water, shared cutlery and cups. No skin damage and other exposures without blood exposure generally do not transmit HCV. Hepatitis C virus can be detected by the hcv rapid test kit.

The detection method of the hcv rapid test kit is as follows: the test serum or the blood group is balanced to the greenhouse, the test strip or the reagent card of the hcv rapid test kit is laid flat, and 50-100 ul of the test sample is added on the sample pad, and the sample dissolves the colloidal gold. And chromatographically on the NC membrane, and then directly observe the appearance of the C and T lines within 30 minutes with the naked eye, and determine the detection result. The beneficial effect of the present invention is to provide a hcv rapid test kit for hepatitis C using immunochromatography colloidal gold technology. HCV antigen was labeled with colloidal gold and coated with anti-human IgM to detect HCV IgM in the sample. It has the advantages of simple operation, fast response, high sensitivity, strong specificity, suitable for on-site detection and economical and practical.
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