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Portable Food Quick Test Reader

Portable food rapid test reader is a fluorescence immunoassay rapid detection analyzer developed by Shanghai Chemtron Biotech Co., which is used in the field of food safety rapid detection. It can detect mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, genetically modified, illegal additives and so on. The instrument is compact, portable, stable and reliable. It has the advantages of short reading time (7s), simple operation (fool type), accurate results (CV < 1%). It uses built-in quantitative technology, does not require on-site calibration, the instrument automatically calculates the test results.

Basic parameters of portable food rapid test reader:

1. Instrument size: light and portable, compact, suitable for both laboratory operation and field operation;

2. The excitation light source is LED, the excitation spectrum wavelength is lambda 0=365 NM, and the receiving spectrum wavelength is lambda 1=610 NM. It has the function of time-resolved fluorescence, and the reading time is 200 us-600 us, which improves the accuracy and specificity of detection.

3. Measurement repeatability: in-stage precision CV < 1.0%; inter-stage precision CV < 1.5%; instrument signal-to-noise ratio: 0.01%.

4. Built-in standard curve, import standard curve through ID card, do not need on-site calibration;

5. Switching different items and batches by scanning barcode with built-in photoelectric scanner. The detection items include mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, genetically modified products, illegal additives, etc.

6. The response time of the instrument is less than 8 seconds. Quantitative test results are displayed on the LCD screen. The results displayed include item name, concentration, negative and positive judgment, reference range, etc.

7. It can be transmitted to computer through built-in thermal printer, RS232 and USB interface. The remote transmission of data can also be realized through WIFI wireless module, and traceability management and large data analysis of detection data and information can be realized.

8. It can store many kinds of information, such as test time, sample number, product batch, test value, negative and positive judgement, etc. The data can be stored more than 10,000 items.
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